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What I Do

As an animation major, I developed a passion for creating whimsy and bringing art into the home.
As a caricature artist at a major theme park,
I developed a love of creating whimsy on a personal level.

Even now, you can find me at events—anything from birthdays to weddings to corporate events to festivals to neighborhood block parties—drawing up a storm and entertaining the crowds as folks stand in line or gather around to watch me in action. And see their friend feel the giggles take over while in the "hot seat" and the general laughs and exclamations of delight when the final product is revealed.

And when I'm not working at events, you'll find me in my studio working on commissions. I find joy in creating whimsy for family, friends, co-workers, and clients. Whimsy that breaks down walls and allows smiles to abound wherever my art is seen on the walls of homes, offices, magazines, and beyond. You just never know where you'll find caricatures!

And I'm happy to bring it into mediums not typically seen. Watercolor for starters. Using Dr. Martin watercolors, I'm able to bring beautiful vibrancy into each image that brings a world of warmth into the home and captures the unique personality of each individual. Two- and four-legged alike. To borrow a quip I saw from a fellow artist: "If it has eyes, I'll draw it!"

I also maintain the traditional style of color pencil and marker. I'm also happy to go comic book style, saturating the images with the rich hues
of Prismacolor markers. 
Expanding into the world of digital caricatures, I'll be able to create other unique products such as puzzles, throw pillows, t-shirts, and more.

And I also do more than just caricatures! I also do illustrations for books, walls, and businesses.

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